Much More Than a Tourist Attraction

Much More Than a Tourist AttractionThe Hoover Dam situated between the states of Arizona and Nevada. It is placed right along the border, and it was created to control the strong currents of the Colorado River. The Colorado River originates in the Rocky Mountains and ends in the Gulf of California. This distance spans 1,450 miles. The river carries a large amount of silt, which in turn is deposited in its mouth at the Gulf of California.

The Colorado Basin covers an area of above 242 000 square miles. Every spring time, the areas around the riverbanks were flooded. Judging from the area that it covers, it can be seen that the intensity of the flood is indeed great, and so is the severity of the damage it brings about. These floods cause great destruction and property loss year by year. However, when summer comes, the opposite happens. The river dries up and there isn’t enough water to irrigate the land.

The construction of the Hoover Dam took place in 1931 to 1936. 200 engineers and about 7,000 dam construction workers contributed to erect one of the most impressive structures in the country. Amazingly, though the construction of the Hoover Dam was a dangerous and complicated feat that had to be accomplished under extreme conditions, they were able to finish building it two years before the predicted time of completion.

After the Hoover Dam was constructed, it was able to provide a solution to both these problems. For one, it controlled the annual floods experienced by low-lying areas around the river. Also, it was able to provide a source of irrigation during the summer months when the flow of river was usually not sufficient enough for crops to grow well. This made the supply of water more predictable, and it ensured that they have a steady supply all year round. As a result, the productivity of the land was increased since they were able to utilize it the entire year.

Aside from these benefits, the Hoover Dam also harnesses the force of the water it holds and turns it into hydroelectric power. It is able to supply electricity to the Southwest portion of the United States. Millions of people profit from this, specifically those who live in the surrounding areas. 56% of the electricity provided by the Hoover Dam goes to Southern California. 25% is enjoyed by the people of Nevada. Arizona gets 19% of the share.